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Just call me WB for now.  (I'll explain why in a moment.)

I am running to represent the 13th congressional district of Michigan.

Rashida Tlaib is the current representative.

If you want that to change, please check out this site and share it with others.

This site is very plain, contains no hype, and only has three sections:

-  Personal Info (some details about me)

-  Top Issues (the basis on how I'll vote)

-  Back Page (Q&A, comments, summary)


Personal Info

So, what's up with the initials anyway? At this point, my name is not very relevant.

Beginning in April, I'll share my name and some other personal things.

I don't want your first impression of me based on age, color, education, gender, etc.

Here are some basic things about me I would like you to know.

-  Common-sense, independent voter:

       am neither a Democrat nor a Republican

       vote for candidates based on vital issues

-  Meet requirements for representative of this district:

       am a U.S. Citizen for more than 7 years

       am at least 25 years old

       live in Michigan


Top Issues

What a wonderful country we have!

Some things about us are the best in the world; however, other things definitely need to change.

Our success with all issues depends on how strong we are in four certain areas:

-  Our Rights

-  National Security

-  Taxes / Spending

-  The Environment

Each week I'll update specific issues.


Top Issues - Our Rights

How I will vote if I'm elected will be based on what you see below.

We need to strengthen two of our most important rights – life and liberty.


-  Right to have life:

       We must ensure the right to life for unborn children, unless the mother's right to life is in jeopardy.

       The only exception to having a right to life is for people who commit certain crimes.

-  Right to protect life:

       Law abiding citizens must be able to own firearms.

       Certain law breaking people should not have that right.


-  Sovereign Nation:

       To protect our liberty, our country must be self-governing.

       We must not be subject to an international court.

-  Sovereign States:

       Our states are united, but each one must be self-governing.

       States must not be held to any unconstitutional federal laws.

-  Sovereign Individuals:

       Each of us must be responsible for our own choices.

       State and federal laws must not impose on our constitutional rights.

       Individuals and local governments must be self-governing.

I will do what I can to strengthen those areas of Life and Liberty.

Freedom is one of the greatest things in life; our rights provide freedom.

Next week, I will post details about National Security.


Back Page

Congratulations!  You are now on the last page.

I will post updates each week, so please check back.

Don't hesitate to share a comment or question.

Let me leave you with the following:

-  Please share this site with others.

-  My current goal is to get my name on the ballot.

-  To do that, I need to turn in 3,000 petition signatures.

-  If you want to help do that, kindly send me your email address.