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Sometime in April, a major party candidate for Congress sued Governor Whitmer.  His complaint was her “stay-at-home” orders severely hindered collecting petition signatures.  On May 8, the State of Michigan announced the following changes for major party candidates:

an extension to the deadline date

permission to collect electronic signatures

a 50% reduction of the number of required signatures

Unfortunately, none of those advantages have been extended to independent candidates (like me).



There is a special event scheduled for Friday, July 3.  Please see the following PDF for details:

Let me leave you with the following:

-  My current goal is to appear on the November election ballot.

-  For that to happen, I still need more signatures before the July 16th deadline.

-  Anyone can sign a petition if they are a registered voter in one of the following cities:


      Dearborn Heights **                    Highland Park                               River Rouge

      Detroit **                                       Inkster                                            Romulus

      Ecorse                                          Melvindale                                     Wayne

      Garden City                                 Redford Township                         Westland

      (** = only 13th district part of the city)

If you want to help get my name on the ballot, here are three ways:

-  sign a petition  (It must be done in person and can be done at your convenience.)

-  collect signatures  (Voters registered in any district are allowed to obtain signatures.)

-  share this site with others  (Many people can get here if you post a link on social media, email, etc.)

On a side note, I do not ask for nor will I accept any financial contributions.

Please let me know if you would like to sign a petition or have any questions,


Phone:  313-444-9088​

Thank you so much!