Top Issues

What a wonderful country we have - full of freedoms and promise!


There are many things about our country which are the best in the world.

Some other things need to change, or we will lose some of our freedoms.

In this section, I will address some of the most important issues we face as a country.  Each relates to one of the following areas:

-  Our Rights

-  National Security

-  Taxes and Spending

-  The Environment

How I will vote in Congress will be based on common sense and what you read below - period!


Top Issues - Our Rights

We need to strengthen two of our most important rights – life and liberty.


-  Right to have life:

       *  Every unborn child must have the right to live, unless the mother's right to life is in jeopardy.

       *  The only other exception to having a right to life is for people who commit certain crimes.

-  Right to protect life:

       *  Law abiding citizens must be able to own firearms without unnecessary restrictions.

       *  Certain law breaking people should be kept from accessing firearms.


-  Sovereign Nation:

       *  To protect our liberty, our country must remain self-governing.

       *  We must never allow ourselves to be subject to an international court.

-  Sovereign States:

       *  Each state must be self-governing within the limits of the constitution.

       *  States must not be held to any unconstitutional federal laws.

-  Sovereign Individuals:

       *  Individuals (as well as families and local governments) must be self-governing.

       *  State and federal laws must be limited and not impose on our constitutional rights.


Top Issues - National Security

Our federal government must continue to protect us at home and beyond.


-  Barriers:

       *  Effective barriers must be put in places where needed.

       *  Our border personnel must continue to be the best equipped.

-  Crossing:

       *  People immigrating must be thoroughly screened.

       *  Drug and weapon smuggling must be stopped.


-  Allies:

       *  We must maintain very strong, supportive relationships.

       *  Our embassies must remain fully protected.

-  Hostile Nations:

       *  Aggression against us cannot be tolerated.

       *  We need to encourage freedom everywhere.


Top Issues - Taxes and Spending

The tax law is enormous and unfair.

Spending has been unbelievably out of control for decades.


-  Federal Tax Law:

       *  Has about 9,000 pages of statutes and regulations.

       *  Can be easily manipulated.

       *  Must be simplified.

-  Individual Income Tax:

       *  Replace all rates with only one very, very low percentage.

       *  Eliminate deductions and have aid / incentive requests be submitted to appropriate agencies.

       *  Reduce Internal Revenue Service headcount accordingly.


-  Budget:

       *  No longer spend more than we take in.

       *  Eliminate excessive spending.

       *  Only budget for what we are supposed to pay for and some extra for emergencies.

-  Debt:

       *  Over $26,000,000,000,000 (yes, as in twenty-six trillion dollars).

       *  Pay it down every year, not just on the interest.


Top Issues - The Environment

Our government is to protect us from threats against our general welfare.

Two vital areas of the environment affecting our well being and welfare are air and water.

The cleaner our environment, the healthier our quality of life becomes.


-  Pollution:

       *  Many serious health risks are caused by air pollution.

       *  People from some states are affected by air polluted in other states.

-  Solution:

       *  Continue to add zero polluting products.

       *  Use more effective emission reduction technologies.

       *  Enforce effective fines where applicable.


-  Pollution:

       *  There is an enormous plastic buildup on the Pacific ocean, larger than Texas.

       *  Fish in the ocean consume plastic; we consume some of those fish.

-  Solution:

       *  Use effective waste management technologies (similar to Singapore).

       *  Enact common-sense restrictions.

       *  Ensure polluters pay for cleanup.

Freedom is one of the greatest things in life;

our rights provide freedom;

security helps protect our rights;

taxes provide for spending to ensure security;

the environment affects our health and ability to succeed as a country.